New Classes at East Mountain Ranch

People keep asking me how I started making jewellery and what gives me the inspiration for my unique pieces.  They will wonder at the fact that I have never made two the same.  I, myself often wonder how I got to where I am after the crude beginnings I had.  The initial creations I sold were hand tied and all done without the use of any tools whatsoever, my beads rolling around a tray as I tried to scoop them up onto a piece of elastic or thread with my fingers!

Sometimes I wish I'd had someone to show me what to do in those early days.  I did eventually attend evening classes, but by that time I had mastered most of the basic techniques myself. 

Well, if there is anyone out there that has always thought

"I could do that" but doesn't know quite how to start, then why not come along to one of my jewellery making classes which are starting in June and will be running throughout the year.

My class will be limited to 5 students so that everyone gets the attention and information that they need to create their own special piece of art.  There will be different themed classes and I hope to have them during the day as well as in the evening.

Classes start at $25.00 per person per class and include everything you need to make the themed piece.

Call 902 897 4712 or email

for more details.

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    Carolyn kilian (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 17:30)

    Hey, bud. I have JUST found your blog. How did I not know about this before now. It's fantastic. I love your work. Keep the posts coming.

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